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1/100 RE
Reborn-One Hundred (RE) is a line of Gunpla established in 2014. It is a revival of the 1/100 No Grade model kits featured throughout Mobile Suit Gundam SEED, SEED Destiny and 00. Unlike their Master Grade counterparts of the same scale, these kits do not feature inner frames.

With the RE/100, Bandai is trying to work a compromise wherein models that where either too big (the Nightingale), too costly (both the Nightingale and the Gerbera), or too obscure (Gundam Mark III), to be released in MG form, will at least be released in 1/100 scale with details and technology at least two steps ahead of the HG. It might not be the type that many fans wanted, but it at least allows the kit itself to be more affordable than it would have been had it been released in MG