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SUPER DEFORMED (SD) There are 141 products.

Super Deformed[edit]
Not based on any particular scale, the super-deformed style features comically proportioned models, the most noticeable features of which are their very large heads. Super Deformed Gundam kits are often very easy to construct but offer very limited articulation and require paint and detailing to truly "finish" the kit. The most famous line is the BB Senshi (or "SD GUNDAM BB Warriors" in English). There are also separate product lines: for instance, Superior Defender Gundam Force and Ganso SD Gundam (discontinued in the 1990s). Most kits of this line are from the Musha Gundam series and the Knight Gundam series.

In 2015, Bandai introduced SD Build Fighters (SDBF) as a complement to the 1:144 scale High Grade Build Fighters line for Gundam Build Fighters Try. Another line called SD Gundam EX-Standard (SDEX) is also announced.