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- Demon descent.

- Base defense for the FA <NSG-Z0> moon camp was fed was equipped with enhanced Beryl unit
The aircraft is capable of and armor, and changes the operational characteristics by the arrangement further exchange.
- NSG-Z0 / D to expand the powerful TC shielded by armor placement of defense specialized <Magatsuki> is,
I embody became the origin of the identification code [Mamoruhito of satellite Noble (Noble Satellite Guard)] the
As the presence, head off of the FA of defense mechanism for invasion (from aircraft commentary).

- The frame Arms illustrator ToMo Mr. spirited worked on the design,
Three-dimensional complete new mold.
- This machine was designed on the theme of Recombinant of armor] was fitted with armor to frame
Has a structure to add armor to the substrate <NSG-Z0>, type / D <Magatsuki> is,
I will form a solid silhouette motif [armor warrior] by the arrangement of the armor.
- I reproduce clear and transparent armor parts that have been installed in the fuselage.
- Mechanical mold is engraved on the back part, by applying the paint in the transparent armor in
Performance enabling the expression of mechanical unit] that was cast.
- By connection by 3 mm diameter joint, armor parts I also various basic form other than
Can be installed. You can enjoy customize your own.
- As an exclusive weapon, a large sword type [expansion], the short sword type [Satsuga] comes with two sets.
- Weapons can be reproduced without the replacement sword state and paid state sword.
- Parts and division that reproduces the color scheme of setting illustrations, use the color molded six-color, just assemble
You can enjoy a finish full of a sense of reality.
- Use the [frame architect TYPE001] the body, it can exchange each site and other aircraft on sale.
- Hand parts come with a dedicated that can be firmly held each weapon.

[Limited specification]
- The clear part is added to the clear parts are molded by setting collar, molded clear and colorless
Included. It is possible to customize the color of your favorite transparent armor be to paint.
- Blade parts in addition to the blade part of the weapon is molded in silver, molded colorless and transparent is attached.
- Of the original elements that are not in the normal version [beam blade type deployment], the beam blade type Satsuga]
You can create.


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