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In RG series, Gundam Astray Blue Frame frame as early as appeared! !

--- "The most strength of chartering soldiers" plexus cloud criminal investigation is Ru Misao, and Ao-out A scan Tray ---

In RG series which investigated the fine representation and "realistic" that does not look at the 1/144 in kind, to reproduce the Gundam Astray Blue Frame with RG arrange!

From "Mobile Suit Gundam SEED ASTRAY", and commercialize Gundam Astray Blue Frame in RG series.

Armor representation of realistic grade unique, in the range of motion, thorough reproduce the Gundam Astray Blue Frame!

A characteristic large weapons reproduced in the new shape of the RG-compliant, realistic decals included! In the new design

● Includes the 'M68 Kyatto~usu 500mm recoilless cannon' in the new shape!

Typical weapons 'M68 Kyatto~usu 500mm recoilless cannon' Gundam Astray Blue Frame,

RG reproduced in the new shape of compliance. 1/144 total length of about 110mm in the size.

Another magazine is removable, adopted a movable grip corresponding to the various poses.

In addition, the pullout of joint, directly mountable to the waist.

● New design of realistic decals!

Was recorded, such as mark of distinctive serpent tail, it comes with realistic decal of the new design.

Using the foil seal for detail representation.

● the same scale figure of Murakumo criminal investigation is included in the new shape.

● weapon that corresponds to the action poses a variety of expression, comes with a rich hand parts.

Comes armed: M68 Kyatto~usu 500mm recoilless rifle, beam rifle, beam saber, shield

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